About the Center

The Contact and Support Center for Romanian Citizens Abroad has been set up by the Ministry of foreign Affairs in order to offer consular information to Romanian citizens living outside the borders of Romania. Based on the continuous growth of the Romanian community abroad and the extension of consular matters, the Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs comes towards Romanian citizens by setting up this system, available on a 24/7 schedule starting the 5th of January 2015. Thus, he CSCRCA will function as a Call Center and Mail Center. The system is based on a modern infrastructure that offers interconnectivity between the Center and the diplomatic missions and consular offices. At the same time, in addition to consular information which may be obtained through the Center, the system offers a special line for consular emergencies. The staff of the Contact and Support Center for Romanian Citizens Abroad ensures consular assistance 24/7 both regarding public information on the services rendered by the Romanian diplomatic missions and consular offices abroad, as well as regarding emergency situations in which Romanian citizens abroad may be involved. Through this medium, the Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs comes towards the applications submitted by Romanian citizens outside the borders of Romania, either as tourists, temporary relocated or permanently living abroad, in order to provide consular information and to assist them in emergency cases (accidents, illness, death, security risks caused by terrorist activity, stolen and lost papers or other emergency situations). The Project is part of the newest endeavors of the Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, developed by the state as member of the European Union and it represents a way of updating and standardizing services destined to Romanian citizens. The Contact and Support Center for Romanian Citizens Abroad is intended to provide continuous interaction with Romanian citizens outside the country in order to solve their consular demands. At the same time, it aims at helping Romanian citizens understand their rights and obligations in a foreign country. This department is envisioned to raise public satisfaction and to offer the timely availability of consular information. Special consideration is awarded to Romanian citizens in emergency situations. Thus, every Romanian citizen calling the Emergency Line of the CSCRCA may speak directly to the operator, without listening to details regarding consular services. Based on the emergency signaled, the Romanian citizen will be put through directly with the officials in the Embassy or Consulate in the respective area where the emergency situation has occurred. Enquiries of Romanian citizens’ in emergency situations are taken over and managed with priority. The Contact and Support Center for Romanian Citizens Abroad has the following goals:

  • access to consular information as soon as possible, both via the IVR as well as via operators available 24/7;
  • improvement of consular services dedicated to Romanian citizens abroad;
  • offering information regarding Romanian citizens’ rights and obligations abroad;
  • communication via telephone and e-mail of consular information requested by Romanian citizens whilst taking into account existing law regarding protection of personal data;
  • offering information regarding consular services based on geographical areas, meridian or community;
  • immediate consular support by enabling direct access to the respective diplomatic mission / consular office for emergency situations signaled by Romanian citizens or in order to solve consular enquiries.
Thus, the Contact and Support Center for Romanian Citizens Abroad is ready to answer promptly and professionally all consular enquiries received from Romanian citizens abroad.