What Information We Can Offer

The Contact and Support Center for Romanian Citizens Abroad offers consular information to Romanian citizens in order to solve their applications submitted to the Romanian diplomatic mission / consular office available in their respective residence area.

Fully trained personnel, experienced both in consular issues as well as public relations, is available for Romanian citizens 24/7, to provide information regarding:

  • obtaining travel documents (passports and travel titles);

  • obtaining registrar’s documents (birth, marriage, death certificates);

  • obtaining notary documents ( mandates, affidavits and other notary documents);

  • obtaining Romanian citizenship (clarification, reinstating, waiver of);

  • obtaining apostile and attestations;

  • procuring paperwork from Romania (registrar’s extracts, criminal record certificates);

  • information regarding driving licenses;

  • visa regime for Romanian citizens abroad;

  • consular emergencies (accidents, illness, death, security risks caused by terrorist activity, stolen and lost papers or other emergency situations etc.);

  • consular tax of each enquiry.